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Uder milken

Üder Milken Logo

Üder Milken is a fictional brand of dairy products in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V. Its slogan is "The treat from the teat". Roman Bellic mentions the brand in the first mission, when he compares Liberty City to "a big Üder Milken Ice Cream shop" with "thirty-six flavors of titty". The name is presumably a faux-German version of "udder milk".

A cowbell labelled "Üder Milken" can be seen on the side of the Candy Box building in Star Junction, and the slogan appears on the scrolling electronic sign beneath. Also, an Üder Milken truck trailer is parked opposite the Betta Pharmaceuticals building in BOABO. It can only be seen in Grand Theft Auto V if a player were to peer into a Cherry Popper Ice Cream freezer in a Limited Service mini-mart, they may see an ice cream bar that has the brand name on it.

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