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In order to achieve 100% Completion in Grand Theft Auto V the player must:

  • Complete all 69 storyline missions.
  • Complete 14 out of 57 Random Events.
  • Complete 20 of 58 Strangers and Freaks missions
  • Complete 42 of 59 Hobbies and Pastimes. The following is a list of the hobbies and passtimes that count towards 100% completion:
  • Complete 16 miscellaneous tasks. The following is a list of 16 miscellaneous missions that count towards 100% completion:
    • Purchase any 5 Properties
    • Purchase a Vehicle from a Website
    • Collect 50 Spaceship Parts
    • Collect 50 Letter Scraps
    • Walk and play fetch with Chop
    • Complet a Booty Call
    • Receive a Prostitute's service
    • Hold Up a Store
    • Complete 25 x Under The Bridge challenges
    • Complete 8 x Knife Flights
    • Complete 25 x Stunt Jumps
    • Visit the Cinema
    • Friend Activities (Visit a Bar, Visit the Cinema, Visit the Strip Club, Play Darts)


Getting 100% Completion unlocks:

- The  "Career Criminal" achievement/trophy.

UFOs will also appear at the top of Mount Chiliad and above Fort Zancudo and Sandy Shores.

- The mission The Last One.

- A red T-Shirt that says 100% on it, under T-Shirts in Franklin's wardrobe.

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