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101 Bayshore Avenue

101 Bayshore Avenue as it appears in Grand Theft Auto:Vice City Stories.

Also Known as: Phil's old house
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto:Vice City Stories
House Style: Low-end apartment
Garage/Parking space Capacity: One vehicle
Occupant(s): Victor Vance (formerly)
Phil Cassidy (formerly)
Unlocked After: Conduct Unbecoming
 101 Bayshore Avenue is an apartment unit and safehouse in Vice City. It is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Victor Vance obtains ownership of this safehouse after being kicked out of the army, and is the first safehouse that is owned by Vic.


101 Bayshore Avenue is located in Viceport on a row of identical apartment units. It is basic, but very dialated. Inside, it has graffiti scrawled all over on the walls. It features a near-empty room, with access to health and save progress. It also features a balcony (which cannot be accessed), kitchen and a single bed and access to a single garage at the back of the property. It is marked with a large palm tree, colored lights on the balcony and a pink lawn flamingo. In the PS2 version only, a PCJ-600 spawns to the immediate south of the building; it triggers the PS2-exclusive side challenge Playground on the Dock, but can be kept by the player. The street in front of the safehouse also regularly spawns the coveted bike.

It is the only safehouse that the player can use immediately after being discharged by the Army during "Conduct Unbecoming" (losing access to the barracks safehouse as a result). The apartment was formerly owned by Phil Cassidy but was evicted by the Cholos. During the mission Cleaning House, the Cholos are seen partying at the house and Phil has left an unknown amount of cash inside. Victor raids the place, killing the Cholos and gets the money back as well as the house back to Phil. After being kicked out of the military and losing a place to stay, Phil hands the apartment to Victor. It is unknown if Victor is still at the ownership of this house after leaving Vice City in late 1984.

Unlike previous games in which the safehouse interiors are located elsewhere (such as Blue Hell), the 101 Bayshore Avenue safehouse appears to be actually located within the building, as street conditions outside - presence of cops, parked vehicles, etc. - remain visible from the windows inside. It's also possible to shoot people through the windows using the sniper rifle (though other firearms do not work).

The bullet-proof Sanchez can be bought for $1,000 right outside this apartment in the PS2 verison.


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