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3321 Vice Point

The 3321 Vice Point safehouse as seen in Grand Theft Auto:Vice City.

Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto:Vice City
Grand Theft Auto:Vice City Stories
House Style: Medium-end apartment
Price: $2,500
Occupant(s): Tommy Vercetti
Unlocked After: In The Beginning...
 3321 Vice Point is a lowrise apartment in northern Vice Point, Vice City, prominently featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as one of the player's safehouses.


Available for purchase immediately after "In The Beginning...", the building is a green curvy low-rise apartment situated directly across the northwestern corner of North Point Mall. Because the safehouse has no garages to store vehicles, the safehouse is cheap, selling at only $2,500. Upon purchase, the apartment becomes a save point for the player to save games. A random road vehicle will also spawn on the east side of the safehouse. Like most other safehouses, 3321 Vice Point has no interior. This house can be bought to do the shop robberies more easily: you just rob all the shops in the North Point Mall and then quickly save the game, with the police heat disappearing.

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