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Easter bay airport

Note the number 69 on the runway

The number 69 is an innuendo of the 69 sex position recurring gag throughout the GTA series. This page lists some of its appearances in their respective games:

GTA: London 1969


GTA: Vice City

  • The Marquis has "Marquis 69" written on the rear of the boat.
  • The number can be found on some of the Bloodring Bangers as badges.
  • The phone number for Sunnyside Taxis is 555-9669.

GTA: San Andreas

  • In Ganton, there is a 69 cent store, rather than the common 99 cent store. You can actually visit and go inside it, however the only useful thing in it is the aracade machine.
  • Area 69 military base in Bone County.
  • There are a total of 69 pictures on the wall inside the Lil' Probe Inn, although this may be coincidental.

Thrust (Note the 69 right)

Classic Rides

Classic Rides


The 69 Golden Palms hotel in Los Flores.

GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA IV & Episodes From Liberty City

Feet diff 000 a uni
  • On the Rockstar Games Social Club, there is a millionaire club for GTA IV and all the dollar bills have 69 printed on them.
  • The Pump Shotgun in GTA IV has etching on the gun reading "Model no. 69."
  • The car that Niko drives in the starting credits has the number 669 on it.
  • Hinterland's slogan in GTA IV: "Doing it hard since 1869".
  • If you take a helitour, Rob the pilot will sometimes talk about 69 murders committed in Middle Park in the previous year.
  • In The Lost & Damned, Malc has 69 patched on his jacket.
  • There is a pedestrian that will say to another pedestrian, "I got 4,761 dollars on my yearly salary". If one were to find the square root of 4,761, they will get 69


Trailer3 michael 031brb

Look at the number plate shown on the back of the vehicle.


The Police Bike's front fender in GTA V. Note the identification number on the fender.

  • In GTA V, the golf club's 8th hole is 169 yards (It can be only seen in first trailer of GTA V).
  • There are various graffiti on the back of the Vinewood Sign which say 69.
  • During the mission Blitz Play, the number plate on the Securicar has a 69 on it.
  • GTA V has a total of 69 main story missions.
  • The Hands On Car Wash phone number is 555 0169.
  • One of the Snapmatic picture borders has text that reads 0069.
  • Certain vehicle's licence plates or body spray has "69" hidden in them.
  • On Michael's personal vehicle, on all four of the wheels, there are dollar signs. But if the wheels are turned to a horizontal degree, it appears that the dollar signs are actually a very well, clever hidden illusion showing 69.[1]
  • On Devin Weston's website "" there is a quote written by Devin "6 black belts, 9 inches"
  • The Cargobob that is used by Trevor in Monkey Business has a registration number that reads "N-LS69".
  • There is a clothing store on Portola Drive in Los Santos called Sessanta NoveSessanta Nove means "69" in Italian.
  • The Police Bike's identification number on the front fender and the Predator's identification number on the sides reads "69269".
  • Franklin Clinton can have 69 Smart shoes in total.
  • In the Beta, Route 68 was originally going to be called 'Route 69'.
  • The price of Hotrod ATV cost $69.000.
  • The maximum ammo of Micro-SMG (if using extended clip) is 9969.
  • The parking garage in Pillbox Hill has a billboard on the top that says "Park here for only $69 a day!" This is the same garage used in the GTA Online mission The Parking Garage.


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