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[[Image:A-Type-GTA2.png|right|thumb|180px|An A-Type in [[Grand Theft Auto 2]].]]
[[File:A-Type-GTA2.png|right|thumb|180px|An A-Type in [[Grand Theft Auto 2]].]]
The '''A-Type''' is a car featured in [[Grand Theft Auto 2]].
The '''A-Type''' is a car featured in [[Grand Theft Auto 2]].
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* [[Z-Type]]
* [[Z-Type]]
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|title= Navigation

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An A-Type in Grand Theft Auto 2.

The A-Type is a car featured in Grand Theft Auto 2.

Description Edit

Design Edit

The A-Type is designed as a two-door car with a relatively leaner and smoother design, in contrast with other "-Type" cars in the game, but still appears with 1930s/1940s-like design cues. Like other "-Type" cars, the A-Type is suggestively based on a Bentley, specifically, a Bentley R-Type, as evidenced by its internal name, RTYPE. However, the car itself doesn't bear much likeness to the real-life car (instead appearing more like a Morris Six MS), due to significant changes made on its design during development. An early concept design by Ray Larabie suggests the car would have been more ornate, similar to the R-Type.

Performance Edit

The A-Type is an excellent road-going vehicle, with great top speed and acceleration (with no delay from gear shifts), as well as good steering and excellent brakes. When crushed, the car awards the player a Fast Reload power-up.

Locations Edit

  • Unusually, the A-Type does not normally spawn in traffic, and can only be found parked on the south edge of Fruitbat's eastern half just west of the green Loony payphones, in the Downtown District of Anywhere City. One can also be found in front of the club in Funabashi.

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