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Franklin giving the victim of a robbery his money back.

ATM Robberies are short random missions which spawn throughout the state of San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V that are available to Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

There are a number of ATM robberies you can get involved in. You can kill the robber and return the cash to the victim, or you can keep the cash. The average ATM robbery take is $500. If the money is returned to the victim, you are awarded around $50. Spot these ATM robberies by listening for the screams from the victims and then quickly glancing at the radar to find a flashing red to blue blip of the robber fleeing the scene. In most cases, you're in a vehicle when this happens, and you can just run over the robber. Otherwise, shoot the robber and pick up the wallet (green blip on radar) and decide whether or not to return it for the lesser reward. Usually if you shoot the victim after returning the money, you can get that $500 back minus the $50 in reward. So it's the same as running off with their wallet, and you don't risk the Wanted Level given after murdering someone. Most robbers are on foot; however, there are a few instances where the crooks take off on motorcycles or in cars.


  • If you give the money back to the victim, you will get a full special ability meter.


GTA V - Random Events - ATM Robbery (Little Seoul)02:22

GTA V - Random Events - ATM Robbery (Little Seoul)

A typical ATM robbery.

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