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Adios Airlines Logo.

Adios Air is a fictional airline in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V. It is one of the sponsors for the TV show I'm Rich.

The airline has the rather dubious slogan, Say your goodbyes!, suggesting that passengers are unlikely to survive the flight. In addition to this, the word adios is a farewell remark in Spanish, and the airliner's logo might possibly represent a waving hand.

No Adios Airlines airplanes are seen in Francis International Airport, but some can be found in Los Santos International Airport, including a pilotable Jet. They are mostly yellow with the logo on the tail-fin, having a similar colour scheme to that of airplanes owned by the international mail company DHL Express.

During the mission "Marta Full of Grace" in The Lost and Damned, where Johnny has to pick up Marta from Francis International Airport, she mentions coming to Liberty City on Adios Airlines from Puerto Rico.


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