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Advanced Sniper
Advanced Sniper in TBoGT
Appearance(s): The Ballad of Gay Tony
Weapon type: Sniper Rifle
Damage: High
Weight: High
Ammunition capacity: 10 per magazine, 40 reserve (TBoGT)
Available from: Armando Torres (TBoGT)
Price: $4,750 + $200 per magazine (TBoGT)

The Advanced Sniper is a sniper rifle in The Ballad of Gay Tony.


TBoGT-Advanced Sniper (DSR-1)target
File:TBoGT - Advanced Sniper (DSR-1)target.png

The Advanced Sniper Rifle is based on the DSR-1 bolt-action sniper rifle manufactured and marketed by the German DSR-Precision GmbH. The ingame DSR-1 is the 7.62x51mm NATO variant, evidenced by its 26" barrel and the width of its magazine. Other variants are the .300 Winchester Magnum chambered with a 26" barrel, the .338 Lapua Magnum variant with a 29" barrel, a integrally suppressed, subsonic 7.62x51mm variant for covert operations and a .50 BMG variant (DSR-50) for anti-materiel applications. The DSR system is one of the most accurate rifles in the world with an unreal 0.2 MOA accuracy under favourable conditions. Like the DSR-1 in real life, the weapon in-game uses the Bullpup configuration, similar to that of the Assault SMG. The rifle feeds from the magazine behind the pistol grip, while the front magazine is in reserve for quick reloads. The weapon is also available with explosive rounds, which are incredibly powerful enough to take down most targets with one shot in single player, but the rounds are only as effective as a explosive shotgun round in multiplayer.

Its first encounter is during the mission Caught with your Pants Down, where the player must use it to free the APC for Yusuf. The weapon is also demonstrated by the "Terrorism Expert" during a pre-release Weazel News Report demonstrating weapons featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

After completing the mission Caught with your Pants Down, it can be purchased from Armando Torres for $4,750, and $200 for every additional magazine.


  • In the beta version of TBoGT, the Advanced Sniper's scope was not tinted green.

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