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Air Emu is an airline featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


The airline owns a small fleet of Shamal jets and operates flights out of terminal 2 in Los Santos International Airport. It is most likely a regional airline serving other airports in the state of San Andreas, in a similar fashion to MyFly, judging by the fact that it operates Shamals which are commuter jets.

It is possible that Air EMU lets people hire their jets for business use as Devin Weston is seen using the Air EMU jet for personel use and Javier Madrazo is the only person (besides the pilot) travelling on the Air EMU jet when it is shot down. This would also reinforce the "Take our birds anywhere you like" statement in its billbord advertisment.

The airline's livery is very similar to that of Lufthansa, with a blue tailfin and an emu painted in yellow. The name itself is another example of Rockstar's humour, an emu being a flightless bird.

Accidents and Incidents

  • In the mission Caida Libre, Michael De Santa has to shoot down an Air EMU Shamal that is carrying Javier Madrazo. Oddly, instead of carrying passengers, it only carries Javier and an armed pilot, suggesting that it might have been purchased or stolen.


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