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Air Herler

Air Herler is an airline featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It doesn't have any known destinations, but the English name and the logo, which seems to be a piece of the Union Jack, suggests it most likely is a British company. The livery of Air Herler's planes is also similar to that of British Airways. The airline's name is likely a play on "hurling", or getting sick and vomiting, a common result of severe airsickness.

The company's aircrafts are frequently found in Los Santos International Airport, being a fleet similar to that of FlyUS, consisting of ShamalsAT-400-like uncontrollable airliners and Jets. The wreck of an Air Herler airplane can also be found in the Grand Senora Desert bearing a different livery that is primarily red, therefore most likely being an older version.

In the online mission Landing Strip players have to hijack an Air Herler Shamal that is known to be carrying drugs. This might imply the company is involved with illegal underworld businesses, yet chances are the aircraft is most likely stolen.


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