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Alcatraz Avenue

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Alcatraz Avenue

View of Alcatraz Avenue.

Road information
Start: Northern Expressway in Industrial
End: Downrock Loop in Little Bay
Continues as Flanger Street
Length: 0.1 mi (0.2 km)

Alcatraz Avenue is a two-way street in Little Bay (for the most part) and Industrial, Bohan that runs from Flanger Street to the Northern Expressway. The street is not well traveled as there are many shady gang members and a parking lot surrounding it. The streets name "Alcatraz" translates to pelican in Spanish, and is named after the famous island and federal prison in San Francisco bay.


Location Type Road Direction Distance (mi)
Industrial Road begin

Northern Expressway w/b toward Leavenworth Avenue 0.00
Little Bay Road crossing

Unnamed Road w/b toward Coxsack Avenue 0.05
Road crossing

Dukes Bay Bridge e/b toward Dukes Drive 0.10
Road end

Downrock Loop & Flanger Street n/b toward Northern Expressway
Continues as Flanger Street toward Altona Avenue

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