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The Alderney Laundromat is a laundromat in Alderney City in GTA IV. It does not have any importance in the game's storyline at all. Its only purpose is most likely to serve as an accessible location, and nothing more.

Characters Affiliated With the Laundromat


  • It is nearly identical to the Hove Beach Laundromat. The only difference is there is a different cashier.
  • Because it is identical to the Hove Beach Laundromat, it is likely that the person who owns the Hove Beach Laundromat also owns this one.
  • This is the only accessible laundromat in Alderney.
  • It is on the same street as the Alderney Safehouse, Mahesh Avenue.
  • It is only 1/7 mile away from the Alderney Safehouse.

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