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Alonzo-GTA V
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Full name: Alonzo
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Home: Los Santos
Nationality: Flag of Mexico Flag of the United States Mexican-American
Main affiliation: Liz Macallen (Girlfriend/Formerly)
Downtown Cab Co.
Voiced by: Unknown
"My girl's broken down, idiota. I told her a hundred times about going out without me."
―Alonzo to Franklin

Alonzo is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, that appears in the mission Got You Now of the Private Taxi Fare side missions


Alonzo is a young Latino man, probably of Mexican descent, who seems to be a regular of the Downtown Cab Co., considering that the manager Raul is already acquainted with his prepotent attitude, even going as far as saying that Alonzo is "a bit of a dick".

He shows a condescending, aggressive and macho attitude, recalling punching a Families or Ballas member who attempted to seduce his girlfriend, Elisa "Liz" Macallen or even picking a fight with Franklin after he gives a compliment to her. He seems to be prone to abuse his girlfriend physically and verbally, forcing her to do house chores or threatening to beat her. 

Events of GTA V

Alonzo will be waiting to be picked up by Franklin outside the ULSA campus on Richman Street in Richman. He requests to be taken to Elgin Avenue, under the Olympic Freeway, to spot his girlfriend and her wrecked vehicle.

Along the ride, Alonzo make some comments about his girlfriend, saying that some of the members of The Families try to hit on her all the time, and ask Franklin if they don't have enough girls of their color. To with Franklin says that he is not even going to answer that question.

Once Franklin reach his destination, he sees Alonzo's girlfriend and compliments her, making Alonzo jealous, he then pulls Franklin out of the vehicle to fight.

It is possible for Franklin to beat him up unarmed (a requirement to get the bonus from the mission) or to use weapon to dispose of him. Either way, he seems to be dead after the cutscene. 


  • As most Latino characters, he tends to speak in Spanglish, which is a mix of English and Spanish very common with the Mexican-American residents of Los Santos.


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