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For the delivery van, see Alphamail.

Alpha Mail is a postal/shipping company featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes - The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, as well as Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It is possibly based on FedEx. The Alpha Mail logo appears on some Mule trucks, and in GTA Chinatown Wars, Alphamail delivery vans are found bearing Alpha Mail's livery.

Alpha Mail is a well established company with two locations; a depot on both sides of Jackhammer Street in Bohan Industrial in Liberty City in the State of Liberty and a sizeable warehouse in Port Tudor in the State of Alderney. The company is also listed in BAWSAQ, further supporting its existence as an established company.


  • Alpha Mail's name is a pun on "alpha male", a dominant male in a group.
  • The company slogan is "Always Comes First", referring to the letter "alpha" being the first in the Greek alphabet, although it could also be a sexual innuendo.
  • The company's possible rivals are Liberty State Delivery and Post Op. They all use a different type of truck (LSD = Yankee, Alpha Mail = Mule, Post Op = Benson).


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