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The Altruist Camp is the main headquarters of the Altruist Cult, situated in the heart of the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness in San Andreas.


It is almost completely isolated from the rest of civilzation, giving it a creepy atmosphere. The camp itself is made up of many wooden shacks, abandoned houses and a water mill, and it's surrounded by large walls.

The Altruists living here are hostile to any outsiders, except for Trevor Philips. However, after Trevor manages to kidnap enough people to bring to the camp, the Altruists will betray Trevor. This is a bad choice, as Trevor overpowers the cultists and eventually kills all Altruists in the camp.

When Trevor does his gun dealing flights over Blaine County, one of the targets to drop out weapons is the cult camp. Oddly enough, the target still appears even if Trevor eradicated them in the random event mission.

Events of GTA: Online

The Altruist Camp is featured in the mission Pickup Sticks where the Player goes to the camp to get the second package.

Events of GTA V

The Altruist Camp is not particularly featured in any storyline missions during Grand Theft Auto V, but certain characters involved in Random Events can be kidnapped by Trevor to be taken to the camp. After he manages to capture four people, the cultists will suddenly turn hostile, and open fire on Trevor. He escapes, steals several weapons and cash. After the battle, the camp will be abandoned.


  • When Trevor approaches the Altruist Camp with one of the victims, the radio will automatically be turned off and a creepy background song will start playing.
  • The Altruist Cult is one of three locations in GTA V where the player can encounter nudity. The others being the Vanilla Unicorn and Richman Mansion. However you can only find partial nudity at Vanilla Unicorn and Richman Mansion.
  • Within the facilities, the camp contains a Health-kit, two Body Armors, an RPG, an Assault Shotgun and a Baseball Bat in the altar. All of them respawning in a very short amount of time.
  • The Altruists within the camp respawn very quickly after being killed, sometimes in as little as thirty seconds. However, they are little more than an annoyance as they only carry pistols.
  • Although Trevor is affiliated with the Altruists (when not engaging in a Random Event), they will still become hostile towards him if they are provoked or attacked.


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