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The Shooting Range Challenge is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in some of the Ammu-Nation gun shops.


Not all Ammu-Nations are big enough to accommodate gun ranges, where this challenge takes place. Most "big city" Ammu-Nations have ranges, though.


The Shooting Range Challenge requires the completion of Doberman mission in order to access the Ammu-Nation gun stores (gun icon on the map). Entering the big red marker infront of a back room in some of the shops will start the challenge. CJ will compete against two opponents. There are four different weapon competitions, each consisting of three different rounds. The targets are gangster silhouettes with seven unique target points and will move differently through the shooting area. The four weapons stages in order are: PistolMicro-SMGShotgun and AK-47.

Stage 1: Pistol Challenge

Available after Doberman.

  • Round 1:

Three targets are dropped in the first round of the pistol competition. Once destroying one, the next one drops at a greater distance. To distroy a target CJ must shoot the center of the seven different red circles on it. A hit anywhere outside the circles doesn't count. To pass this round, CJ must destroy his three targets before the competitors destroy theirs.

  • Round 2:

A target drops and moves steadily from the back of the range toward the protagonist, then stops until all seven sections from the target are shot. Once the target is destroyed, another follows the same route, and so on. To pass this round, CJ must destroy his three targets before the competitors destroy theirs.

  • Round 3:

In the final round, there's only one target that moves across the targeting range. All competitors shoot the target simultaneously. The first to score 20 points, wins. Points are indicated on the right side of the screen. A point is earned for each piece of the target removed. Targets continuously drop at varying distances and strafe across the range until someone reaches 20 points.

Stage 2: SMG Challenge

Available after Doberman.

The Micro-SMG challenge is exactly the same as the Pistol challenge, except CJ will be using a Micro-SMG. To get through this one he must employ the same strategy used to pass the previous challenge.

Stage 3: Shotgun Challenge

Available after The Green Sabre.

This challenge involves the same rules as the other two, but with a Shotgun. Since the Shotgun's pellet spread is wide, even less precise aiming is required. The higher CJ's Shotgun Skill, the quicker his reload time - and it really helps in this challenge.

Stage 4: AK-47 Challenge

Available after Yay-Ka-Boom-Boom.

The same rules apply to this challenge, except CJ will be using an AK-47. The rate of fire from this weapon makes this challenge a little easier than the other ones. However, the accuracy of this weapon is much greater than the Micro-SMG and the Shotgun, forcing the aim more precise. Beating this challenge completes the Ammu-Nation challenge.


The reward for completing the San Andreas' Ammu-Nation Shooting Range challenge is $10,000, a one-time increase of weapon skill level by 200 (50 for each round + 50 for completing all three rounds) and a boost for further weapon skill increase efficiency. Completion of the challenges is also necessary for 100% completion of the game.  One important thing to note is that if you fail on rounds 2, 3, or 4 and you leave, you will have to start from round 1 again. If you want credit for 100%, you must do all 4 rounds in a row. Although you can fail a round and keep redoing it until you pass, as long as you don't leave and come back.


If the player enters the shooting range while having certain weapons in their inventory and leaves without finishing the course, the ammunition doubles. The weapons affected are those, that share ammunition with the weapons used in challenges, namely:

However, if you do this having never done any of the courses, it works also with Silenced 9mm and Desert Eagle, possibly as a counterweight to the actual drawback that you increase your weapon skills slower and without the boost (confirmed on PC). It is also important to note that all other weapons are not affected.

Also, if the player enters the range with the Pump Action Shotgun, they will lose it and all shells in the inventory.

In the Pistol and Micro-SMG rounds, there is a slight graphical error present. If you turn the camera around so you are facing the wall behind CJ, his arm will turn along with the camera but his body won't. His arm will bend around and point the gun behind him, but it will be deformed and going through his body.

With the "Pedestrians Attack (Guns)" cheat activated, enter the Ammu-Nation, you will see, for a few seconds, the NPC's in the shooting range will turn around and try to attack CJ. Then, they will quickly turn around and start using the shooting range without going back in there spots. Although you still can't catch them on fire with the flame thrower even when they moved up.


  • If you wait to compete in this challenge after maxing out your Pistol, Micro-SMG, Shotgun, and AK-47 Weapon Skills, you should have an easier time succeeding.
  • Don't squander ammo; reload time is wasted time.
  • Although the Micro-SMG's rate of fire is significantly greater that that of the Pistol, don't get cocky. You should still use short bursts of fire to hit each red circle on the gangster targets. This keeps your reload time down to a minimum and allows you to aim with less distraction.
  • Since the Micro-SMG's bullet spread is less accurate than a Pistol, you can often get away with spraying bullets near the red targeting circles, thereby removing pieces of the target without precise aiming.
  • While standing in an Ammu-Nation, it is not possible to kill the NPCs firing their weapons on the shooting range through the bullet-proof glass. However, oddly, when trying to burn them through the bullet-proof glass with the flamethrower, the fire penetrates the wall through the other side but does not ignite the NPCs.

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