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Franklin at shooting range.

In Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, Shooting Ranges are activities or hobbies you can do that are located in a few Ammu-Nations in San Andreas. With a Shooting Range you can level up your shooting skills or train with various Weapons through different challenges. This can also serve as a quick and easy way to build your shooting skills. The entry cost is $14.

Warning signs

  • Firearms warning: It is a criminal offense to leave a loaded firearm within easy access of a child. If a child gains access to and improperly uses the firearm you may face prosecution.
  • No food or drink in the range
  • Ear and eye protection must be worn in the range
  • Stop: Make firearm safe, deposit brass in bucket, do not leave firearm unattended, clean your point and remove targets
  • Warning: The discharge or cleaning of firearms and the handling of ammunition in poorly ventilated areas may result in exposure to lead, a substance known to cause birth defects and other serious physical harm. Ensure you have adequate ventillation at all times and wash hands after exposure.
  • Never point a loaded or unloaded firearm at anyone on these premises. If you do we shall point our firearms at you, and believe us, ours are loaded.
  • No steel, brass or semi jacketed, exposed lead, soft or hollow point aummunition allowed in the range. Full metal jacket only.
  • Reloaders, brass keepers. Brass stealers be warned. Do not pick up any of the brass from our floors. there is nothing to discuss. go elsewhere.


The Shooting Ranges in GTA V have different challenges for every kind of weapon: Hand Guns, Sub-Machine Guns, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Rifles and Heavy Weapons. As with any other kind of Hobby the challenges have Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals that are awarded when completing a Challenge.

After completion of all challenges for each weapon catagory, the following discounts are unlocked at Ammu-Nation:

  • At least all Bronze Medals awarded - All items discounted 10%
  • At least all Silver Medals awarded - All items discounted 15%
  • At least all Gold Medals awarded - All items discounted 25%


Video walkthrough

GTA 5 - Shooting Range (Gold Medals)19:49

GTA 5 - Shooting Range (Gold Medals)

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