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The apartment seen from outside

Apartment 3c is an apartment room located south of a Pay 'n' Spray in Ocean Beach, Vice City. The building has a pink roof with a Unique Stunt Jump and parked Sparrow on it. On its south side there are stairways leading up to the apartment room. A Chainsaw is located in its bathroom.

The blood stain is also exactly the same image seen in the blown-up jail cell in GTA III after helping Kenji get a high ranking Yakuza member out of the police station in Staunton Island during the mission Kanbu Bust-out


  • The apartment is inaccessible in GTA Vice City Stories.
  • Apartment 3c is a reference to the scene in Scarface movie, when Tony Montana with his collegue Angel walk into the Colombian trap in an apartment with the same interior.


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