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Arco del Oeste
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"Arco del Oeste, fantastic sunsets."
The Truth

Arco del Oeste (English: Arch of The West) is a rock formation in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas at the northwestern edge of Bone County, San Andreas, just south of Valle Ocultado and west of Las Brujas and El Castillo del Diablo. It juts into the Sherman Reservoir, providing pristine views of the nearby Sherman Dam to the south, and features a natural arch and a mesa, an abandoned mining facility, wooden shacks to the top, and a small dock on the southwestern side.

Its name translates roughly from Spanish as Arc of the West, apparently taking its name from its natural arch and location towards neighboring Tierra Robada.

Prominent appearances in missions

The abandoned mine at the top of Arco del Oeste, which runoff (towards the left) is designed ideally to serve as a ramp for stunt jumps.
ZSAdded by ZS

Stationary vehicles



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