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The building housing the Atrium interior (left), and the adjoining glass-clad building based on the Bonaventure Hotel, GTA San Andreas.

The Atrium (or Attrium) is a location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located in eastern Commerce, Los Santos, used in the Big Smoke mission "Just Business". Although little is known about this interior, it has several stories and has a statue depicting a man touching himself inappropriately. Some statues facing the one touching himself have their hands over their eyes. There is a body armor in this building and several unusable lifts.

A building with the same design as the Atrium is featured in GTA V, and it is named the Arcadius Business Center.



  • Leaving the building through one of the doors (only one works) then entering it backwards with a pistol aimed forwards will enable the player to "ghost" through the door and into the actual interior, rather than the separate one. The floor here is, aside from a small square by the door, not solid, and the player can fall through it, entering Blue Hell.
  • Similarly, if the player enters the building and then leaves doing the same thing, they will go back outside to Los Santos, however the game will detect that the player is still inside, and thus, no vehicles will be loaded and the entire San Andreas apart from the area immediately surrounding the building will become invisible (although still solid). All pickups, collectibles etc. will still be there and, by going back into the Atrium and out again, or any other interior for that matter, the glitch will be eliminated.


  • When the player enters through the northern door, the in-game text says that the building is called the Atrium. When they enter from the west, it says Attrium, which likely is a text error.
  • The Atrium is a part of the heart where blood flows through.
  • If the player leaves a vehicle outside the front of the Atrium, at least in front of the 2 escalators, and the player enters then exits the interior of the Atrium using the glitch mentioned above, then the vehicle will be outside in the place the player left it. It is enterable and controllable, but it is invisible. However, navigation through the city is difficult, as the whole state is invisible, as is the car.


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