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In Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, players are able to install various different attachments onto their firearms. These range from optics to extended magazines to handgrips. In previous Grand Theft Auto titles, attachments appeared in the form of static sound suppressors, such as on the Silenced 9mm. However, these suppressors cannot be removed and requires the player to buy a new gun if they want an unsuppressed variant.

Attachments can greatly affect the performance of a gun, especially if used in combinations. For example, attaching a scope allows for a better weapon range, while attaching a suppressor allows for better stealth and less recoil. Attachments can vary depending on the gun type (ex: shotguns will not receive scopes). Some guns cannot have attachments at all, or can only have extended magazines.

List of Firearms with Attachments

List of Attachments

  • Extended Magazine: Increases the capacity of the firearm for a constant fire. It will enlarge the magazine or replaced by a different one.
  • Flashlight: Allows the weapon to aid low light target identification, allowing the user to simultaneously aim and illuminate the target, and can be turned on or off.
  • Scope: A small scope which provides more zoom for better accuracy.
  • Advanced Scope: A large scope that provides a longer zoom, which helps at taking accurate shots at long range. Only available for Sniper Rifles (except the Marksman Rifle).
  • Suppressor: A barrel attachment that minimizes muzzle flash and allows the weapon to shoot with minimized noise, at the cost of decreased range and damage per shot.
  • Grip: An underbarrel attachment that allows a better grip on the weapon, decreasing viewkick and increasing accuracy.


  • The extended magazine attachment is incorrectly called Extended clip in-game. Clips are extremely uncommon and the term is sometimes used to refer to magazines. Technicaly, Clips are intended to feed the magazine, and Magazines are intended to feed the weapon. At this point, "extended clips" means that there are more bullets in a normal size magazine (i.e. feeding a 30-bullet cartridge magazine box with more than 30 bullet cartridges), but in-game, all receives an enlarged magazine.
  • After the Heists Update, the brown scope variant was changed to black. The front lens of the scope was also tinted yellow. However, the scope's vision and zoom were not affected, instead retaining the same red dot.
  • The Heavy Pistol is equipped with a red dot sight, though it is only present for cosmetic purposes.
    • However, if using it in the enhanced version of GTA V, one can use the Red Dot in first person view.
  • In the official BradyGames guide, it lists the RPG as having a Grip attachment. It is possible that this was a cut feature.

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