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BF (BAWSAQ: BFA), short for Bürgerfahrzeug, is a German automotive manufacturer in the HD Universe.


Based on the design of most of its vehicles, it is likely based on Volkswagen. Burgerfahrzeug means civilian's vehicle in German, parodying Volkswagen's English translation of people's car. BF was thought to be a division of Vulcar, which is the GTA World counterpart of Volvo but commonly mistaken as a counterpart of Volkswagen.


Vehicle Style Based On Notes
Injection Civilian Buggy Meyers Manx (3D Universe)

1963 VW Fusca Buggy (HD Universe)

Bifta Civilian Buggy Meyers Manx
Dune Buggy Civilian Buggy Sandrail Includes Space Docker
Surfer Vintage Van Volkswagen Type 2 (more known as Kombi on some countries)



  • It is not to be confused with the 3D Universe company BF Motors, having a completely different role and origin.
  • Bürgerfahrzeug translates into civilian's vehicle, parodying Volkswagen's translation of people's car.
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