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[[Image:BahamaMamas-GTA4-logo.png|right|The Bahama Mamas logo|180px]]
[[Image:BahamaMamas-GTA4-logo.png|right|The Bahama Mamas logo|180px]]
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[Nightclub]] located in [[Purgatory]], [[Algonquin]], [[Liberty City in HD Universe|Liberty City]]. It is part of the [[Bahama Mamas|Bahama Mamas club franchise]].
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[Nightclub]] located in [[Purgatory]], [[Algonquin]], [[Liberty City in HD Universe|Liberty City]]. It is part of the [[Bahama Mamas|Bahama Mamas club franchise]].
[[File:BahamaMamas-GTA4-exterior.jpg|border|220px|right|The exterior of Bahama Mamas in GTA IV.]]
[[File:BahamaMamas-GTA4-exterior.jpg|border|220px|right|The exterior of Bahama Mamas in GTA IV.]]

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Bahama Mamas LC is a Nightclub located in Purgatory, Algonquin, Liberty City. It is part of the Bahama Mamas club franchise.



Bahama Mamas is described by the website to be one of three Strip Clubs in the city, the other two being Honkers Gentlemen's Club and The Triangle Club, and is the only club of the three without a "*Critics' Choice*" recommendation.

While listed alongside the aforementioned clubs, Bahama Mamas is not accessible in GTA IV because it is currently closed as its management has "got the painters in...", and is due for a "GRAND OPENING SOON FOR ALL!" Similarly, the club is inaccessible in GTA Chinatown Wars as well as The Lost and Damned.

Bahama Mamas is a prominent location in The Ballad of Gay Tony as the club is depicted as an accessible establishment in both its trailers and pre-release screenshots. In the official website of The Ballad of Gay Tony, "not allowed to enter more than people twenty-five years, married men" are not allowed in unless they "order triple bottle service with sparklers". The club is originally owned by Vic Manzano and his girlfriend Monique, but Gay Tony additionally has a stake in the club. The club is only intended to be accessible during the mission Boulevard Baby, and becomes inaccessible again after Luis kills Manzano and the club gets shot up during the mission.


  1. Vic Manzano - Owner
  2. Maurice - Manager
  3. Serge - Head of Security
  4. Two doormen
  5. Paul Martin - DJ
  6. Eight bouncers
  7. Four bartenders
  8. Woman in wardrobe
  9. One dancer



  • "Mamas" is portuguese and spanish for "boobs" . "Mama" also means "mother" in romanian, german and some other languages.
  • In The Ballad of Gay Tony's multiplayer, the club is enterable, although it is empty.
  • There is one of OG Loc's CDs where the DJ is.
  • Until some time in 2008 the club was a gentlemen's club (hence it's listing as such on but lost it's license when it was raided by the LCPD due to prostitution.
  • In GTA Chinatown Wars' Firefighter missions, the player may be tasked with clearing protesters from around the building.
  • Before the mission Boulevard Baby, when the player stands in front of Bahama Mamas, there will be music coming from inside the club but the door won't open.
  • Also when the player enters the club by using a glitch, hack or trainer, there will be music playing inside but the club will be empty.
  • This club is only enterable in the mission Boulevard Baby. However you can still enter it with a glitch or a mod but there will be no people inside it.
  • In the EFLC version of The Lost and Damned with the TBoGT map, the club is still inaccessible. Oddly enough though, The Beat 102.7 can be heard playing from outside the door when the club plays Vladivostok FM.
  • During the Club Management missions while meeting with celebrities, the nightclub Bahama Mamas will be open with music playing, but there will be no people inside. Bahama Mamas was likely meant to have a greater part in the story, but doesn't upon TBoGT's release. This refers to how Gay Tony owns a small stake in the club, and how it is always non-enterable, except during the mission Boulevard Baby and in multi-player Free-Roam modes. This glitch is confirmed for the Xbox 360.
  • There is a map on a desk in the office room where Vic Manzano is killed. It contains district names and some info. It has been confirmed to be a map of Salem, Massachusetts. It's not readable though, as it has a poor quality. To find it, take a look at the gallery.
  • Due to the design of the stairwell in the club, it can easily be defended in multiplayer.


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