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Bahama Mamas West
Name: Bahama Mamas West
Type: Nightclub
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Locations: Marathon Avenue and Prosperity Street Promenade, Del Perro

Bahama Mamas West is a nightclub in Grand Theft Auto V.


The nightclub is located in Del PerroLos Santos, on the intersection of Marathon Avenue and the Prosperity Street Promenade.

It is part of the Bahama Mamas club franchise, and it does not play any significant role in GTA V.


The building is a flipped version of the Barnes & Noble Booksellers store at Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, California.


GTA Online - How to get inside the Bahama Mamas West04:35

GTA Online - How to get inside the Bahama Mamas West




  • "Mamas" is Portuguese and Spanish for "boobs." "Mama" also means "mother" in many other languages.
  • When hanging out with a character, the player can take them to Bahama Mamas West for drinks.
  • Despite being unenterable, there is a fully animated and furnished interior of the club. It is very similar to the Bahama Mamas LC layout, but it doesn't play any music. There is a glitch in GTA Online that makes the player get inside the club by using a firetruck. It is possible the club might have a role in future DLC content for the game.

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