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The Bait Shop is a business in GTA San Andreas that sells fishing bait. The business has two branches; One is located in Tierra Robada, and the other branch can be found in Angel Pine, San Andreas.

Both shops share the same exact design, and they are easily distinguishable by the large fake wooden fish that can be found on their roof.

The shop in Tierra Robada is situated next to a small trailer. This is most likely where the shop owner lives. Usually a Freeway, Sanchez, or Wayfarer will spawn near the trailer. On the other side of the shop is small path that leads to a pond that puddles up from a small river which is fed by the Sherman Reservoir. At the pond there is a small dock that is meant for fishing.

The Bait Shop in Angel Pine very similar to the one found in Tierra Robada, but the shop is covered in undergrowth. It is located across from your first Save point when you have completed all the missions in Los Santos. The shop does not have stationary vehicles next to it but there are vehicles behind the shop at the Angel Pine Sawmill, which includes a Roadtrain, a DFT-30 and a Forklift.


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