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Ball in-game model in GTA V
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Weapon type: Thrown
Damage: None
Weight: Light
Ammunition capacity: 1
Unlocked After: Chop (as Franklin can take Chop for walks after the mission)

The Ball is an item that is automatically placed in Franklin's "throwable" weapon slot when taking Chop for a walk.

The ball can be used by Franklin to play fetch with Chop, which is an activity that is required for 100% Completion. The ball can be thrown by Franklin, and Chop will run after it to pick it up and return it to Franklin. The ball is mainly just used for the player's entertainment and for Chop, the ball serves for no other purpose and it can't be used as a weapon, as it does no damage.

If the ball is lost or falls underwater, it only can be picked up by Franklin.



  • If the ball goes into an area where Chop cannot reach, Franklin will say a sympathetic line to Chop and sometimes call him "little homie".
  • Due to an oversight, the ball can be used to hold up convenience stores. This is due to the category assignment, as the ball acts like a grenade.

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