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Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Full name: Barry
Status: Alive


Place of birth: Los Santos
Home: Apartment, Palomino Avenue, Vespucci, Los Santos
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Family: Unnamed mother
Main affiliation: Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
Franklin Clinton
Businesses: Marijuana Legalization Advocate
Voiced by: Tuck Milligan

Barry is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears as a stranger/freak in Grand Theft Auto V.


Barry is a marijuana legalization advocate, who is trying to get citizens of Los Santos behind his campaign. In defense of his position that pot should be legal, he generally spouts anti-establishment rhetoric and extols the virtues of smoking marijuana. He apparently grows his own weed, carrying joints with him so that he can coerce listeners into smoking the drug, in the hope of swaying their opinion toward legalization.

However, Barry proves to be an ineffective advocate for his cause, in that he not only angers Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, but also suffers from intense hallucinations and paranoia, most likely due to his excessive smoking of his own product.

Events of GTA V

Barry appears in three different Strangers and Freakes missions, each of then with one of the three Protagonists.


The first one to be available is the one with Michael. Michael mets Barry in a makeshift table in Legion Square. Barry will be trying to get signatures for his petition to legalize marijuana and tries to make Michael join the cause, but Michael says he doesn't give a fuck about it. Barry then insists to Michael smoke one with him, at first Michael tries to refuse, but Barry says that he grew this weed himself and that theres "no paranoia, no weirdness, just a passport to nirvana". Michael then accepts and smoke the weed.

Michael then have an allucination where aliens are attacking and trying to abduct him, while he fights back with a Machine Gun. After the allucination ends, Barry is talking about the liquor industry and didn't even notice that Michael was having an allucination. Michael is nervous and ask Barry to stay away from him and go away.


The second encounter with Barry is with Trevor. Barry will be once again at his table in Legion Square. He will try to convince Trevor to sign the petition, but Trevor says that he makes a lot of money with weed and the last thing he needs is a legalization. Barry once again offers the weed to Trevor and have less trouble convincing him to smoke.

Trevor have an allucination in which clowns are attacking him, they appear in vans and use guns against him, Trevor uses a Assault Shotgun to defend himself. The allucination ends and once again Barry didn't noticed anything, Trevor runs away scared and Barry ask him to think on what he said.


The third and final encounter with Barry is with Franklin and it's divided in multiple parts. This time, Barry will be found in front of a store in Sinner Street, Textile City. Barry tells Franklin that he planning in doing a smoke-in, an event in with they will bring down the government by smoking weed together in a public place. Barry says that he is prepared to be a martyr and asks Franklin if he is prepared to be one too, Franklin says that if being a martyr means smoke weed, then he is prepared. Barry then offers some smoke to Franklin so can "warm up" before getting the supplies. But unlike Michael and Trevor, Franklin doesn't have any aluccination and even say that the weed is garbage. Some time later, Barry will send a text message to Franklin showing the location of the supplies.

The suplies will be in two different vehicles, one inside a Duneloader in Murrieta Heights and the other inside a Emperor in La Puerta, after delivering both of the vehicles to Barry's apartment in Vespucci (while respectivily avoiding cops and towing the Emperor), Barry will send an text message to Franklin saying to met him in front of the City Hall to participate in the smoke-in.

Franklin goes to the City Hall, but doesn't find anybody there, he calls Barry and Barry says that he didn't forgot the smoke-in, he was just busy. Franklin calls him a motherfuker and leaves the place frustrated.

Mission Appearances


  • Barry always seems to have red bloodshot eyes, indicating his marijuana usage.


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