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Last edited on April 11, 2014
by Cloudkit01
"Every day the stock exchange is minting millionaires who know how to play the market. Thanks to online trading with the BAWSAQ stock exchange, you can lay it all on the line by betting on a stock that you read was going to be a sure thing. Or do like many hedge fund managers and embrace the time honored tradition of insider trading and corporate espionage."
―GTA V's official website


bawsaq.com is the website for the BAWSAQ stock exchange in Grand Theft Auto V. It takes on a large role, as the player can purchase stocks.


Traded as Full name Description
AMU Ammu-Nation Manufacturer of weapons - and reasons to own weapons, Ammu-Nation has zealously defended arms profiteering for over 50 years.
BDG Badger A first-world global communications company with third-world cell phone coverage.
BET Betta Pharmaceuticals Pioneers of medical breakthroughs like Mollis and the Alco Patch, Betta Pharmaceuticals has tried to keep the American people thin, happy and hard for over 30 years.
BFA BF German car manufacturer that, aside from a serious blip between 1939 and 1945, has served mankind well.
BIN Binco Low-quality clothing at low prices. Where fashion’s rejects come to die.
BLE Bleeter Bleeter is a social networking and microblogging service that found a way to turn the entire world into illiterate journalists reporting on the breaking news of their vapid existence. They, like many popular internet services, have yet to turn any kind of a profit.
BRU Brute Manufacturer of over-sized, eco-unfriendly vehicles designed for heavy-duty commercial use but mostly driven by soccer moms and drug dealers in busy city centers.
BTR BitterSweet The original handheld weapon of mass procrastination.
CNT CNT International television network, responsible for groundbreaking programming that leads America straight off a cliff.
CRE Crevis Outdoor sportswear marketed to the kind of urban consumer who rarely goes outdoors or does any sport.
DGP Daily Globe Sensational and innovative fiction delivered in the form of a newspaper.
WAP Los Santos Department of Water & Power Suppliers of the traditional energy sources that keep San Andreas green agriculturally but not environmentally.
EYE EyeFind The search engine that knows everything about you, mostly because it drives around in cars collecting all your private data.
FAC Facade Operating system dictators, software monopolists and licensing racketeers.
FRT iFruit Purveyor of white shiny Internet-surfing devices. The world's largest religion.
GOT The Grain of Truth Ludicrously over-priced gourmet organic food marketed under the guise of social and environmental responsibility.
HAL Hawk And Little The largest firearms manufacturer in the United States, protecting Americans from each other since 1850.
HVY HVY Industries Manufacturer of vehicles, engines and machinery, once focused on the American market, but now sold in countries that still actually build and farm things.
LSC Los Santos Customs National leader in car customization, not to be confused with the lovely people who greet you with rubber gloves on arrival at Los Santos International Airport.
LST Los Santos Transit Los Santos Transit owns and operates the public transit system that none of its city's inhabitants actually use.
LTD LTD Oil A one-stop shop for gasoline, candy, potato chips, lottery tickets and soda. The American dream.
MAI Maibatsu A Japanese multinational conglomerate that manufactures cars, electronics, cruise missiles and just about every other product on the face of the planet. The definition of over-diversified.
PIS Pißwasser Cheap 11% ABV fighting lager brewed in Germany for export only from rice, barley, hops and the fresh urine of Bavarian virgins.
PON Ponsonbys A chain of luxury clothing and accessories stores catering to the kind of elite consumer for whom price, humility and world poverty are no object.
PMP Pump n Run Nationwide franchise of gymnasiums marketed primarily to bodybuilders, people wanting to have sex with bodybuilders, and bodybuilders wanting to have sex with each other.
RON Ron Oil A multinational oil company, and the people to thank for the scorching hot summers we have everywhere now.
SHT Schyster Manufacturer of unreliable mid-range cars that lose half their value in the first year through depreciation and the other half through repair costs. Owned by Germans, bailed out by Americans.
SHK Shark A shiny card that offers lifetime membership to the debt slavery club.
SHR Shrewsbury Leading manufacturer of firearms since the 19th century, including the rifle that either "won the West" or "slaughtered the indigenous population of the West" depending on which state you go to school in.
SPU Sprunk Manufacturer of carbonated water flavored with 800 calories worth of synthetic additives and high-fructose corn syrup.
SUB SubUrban Smart-casual, shabby-chic, modern-vintage, mass-produced fashion. As unsure of its identity as the androgynous 20-somethings who shop there.
TNK Tinkle A North American mobile phone operator with awful North American mobile phone coverage.
UMA Übermacht German manufacturer of luxury automobiles. Precision-engineered status symbols for rich people.
VAP Vapid The automobile manufacturer that pioneered the great American business model of low-quality mass production.
VOM Vom Feuer A weapons manufacturer headquartered in Vienna and famous for its pistols, Vom Feuer is an Austrian war icon the American people can get behind.
WZL Weazel The mouthpiece through which simultaneous moral outrage and cultural hedonism gets funneled into the living rooms of the American people.
WIZ Whiz A cell phone operator that cornered the market on selling bad service to people with bad credit.
WIW WIWANG A South Korean electronics company whose entire business model is based around creating substandard copies of Fruit's products and releasing them to market a few months later at half the price.
ZIT Zit A commercial mobile phone based music identification service that also helps the government spy on you.
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For unknown reasons the BAWSAQ market is unavailable to some players and available to others at seemingly random times. It also may go down for a player who previously had it up for seemingly no reason. This is most likely because the BAWSAQ does simulated trading for GTA Online and Story Mode, and the simulated trading happens on Rockstar's online network; The BAWSAQ most likely becomes unavailable when the online network suffers from cloud network errors.  This is usually temporary, and the BAWSAQ becomes available again after online network issues are resolved which usually happens within around 4-8 realtime hours.