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Beechwood City (buildings in foreground) as viewed to the northwest from over its eastern shoreline.

Beechwood City is a north-eastern neighborhood in Broker, Liberty City (the neighborhood is often mistakenly considered to be in Dukes). The neighborhood is bordered by the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway, (Willis, Meadow Hills, and Cerveza Heights); Wenrohronon Avenue to the west (Schottler); the Broker-Dukes Expressway to the southwest (South Slopes); an unnamed body of water to the southeast; and Saratoga Avenue to the east (Francis International Airport).


Beechwood City (red) in the Liberty City map.


Beechwood City is an urbanized, "ghetto" area of Broker. Demographically, the area consists of a large proportion of Jamaican immigrants but also has a sizable African-American community. Culturually speaking, Beechwood City is heavily influenced by Jamaican culture.

The area is largely working class and is infamous for being heavily deprived - with many run-down and abandoned buildings. Much of the housing in Beechwood city consists of low-rise apartments. Beechwood city also hosts various local bars, stores, and small-time businesses. Beechwood City is also notorious for it's high crime rate, drug problems, and gang violence. It is home to the Hillside Posse street gang.

The neighborhood contains a mix of land use zones, due largely in part to its geographical location. Urban parts of the district can be found in the western part (near the South Slopes border), around the Homebrew Café and the Broker-Dukes Expressway, which is a major thoroughfare bordering its east side. The northern part of Beechwood City, through which the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway passes, as well as the eastern part (near the airport) are primarily rural in nature. Finally, the southern part rests along the shoreline and features a rocky beach.

Although the exact location of this radio station is unknown, the DJ on Massive B Radio reports that his station is based in Beechwood City just before airing the song "The Real McCoy". As shown in GTA IV, the motorcyle gang, "The Angels of Death" also operate out of this area and routinly rough up the local afro american population.


Beechwood City is largley based on Flatbush. It also bears similarities and influences from Far Rockaway despite being located in Queens and not Brooklyn (the reallife counter-part to Broker).

Points of interest

Beechwood City is the setting of the Homebrew Café at the intersection of Tutelo Avenue and the Broker-Dukes Expressway, which is a Jamaican hangout. The café is popular among Jamaican locals and is the only place in Liberty City where the player can interactively partake in a game of pool. Beechwood City also houses a Burger Shot outlet on Carson Street (just east of its intersection with the Algonquin-Dukes expressway), and a car wash, also on Tutelo Avenue, north of the Homebrew Café. The Burger Shot is also a popular hangout of The Angels of Death.


The Liberty City Subway does not serve Beechwood City. However, three stations are within close proximity to the neighborhood. Residents in northern Beechwood City may choose to board at either Huntington Street (Cerveza Heights) or Lynch Street (Meadow Hills/Willis border), while those in the southern part can access the subway at Schottler station (which is really located in South Slopes).


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