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Big paulies

Big Paulie's in Tudor, Alderney

Big Paulie Budget Cars is a car dealership in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is located on Emery St & Anvil Ave in Tudor, Alderney, across the street from Honkers strip club. Also, it has an entrance on Tinderbox Ave. Although the dealership looks disused, there are commercials for the business on the in-game television, showing that the dealership sells beat-up/wrecked vehicles for extremely high prices. However, only random cars spawn in the yard. Despite this being what appears to be a car dealership, the game does not consider it one, instead just as an ordinary car park. This is because every other established car dealer in the game has a feature where any car taken from the lot gains the player a one star wanted level, even if it is the player's own car, or there are no police around. This does not happen at Big Paulie Budget Cars.


  • The name Big Paulie is another example of Rockstar's crude sexual humor, as 'paulie' is a slang term for penis.
  • Big Paulie is also the name of the member from the mob.

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