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Overview of the motel.

The Bilingsgate Motel is a motel in GTA V that is located on Innocence Boulevard in Rancho, Los Santos. It is a cheap motel that features a parking lot and an ECola vending machine. It is based on the Hyde Park Hotel of Los Angeles. The motel can't be accessed by the player.

Events of GTA V

The Bilingsgate Motel is where Trevor Philips and Josh Bernstein meet in two Strangers & Freaks missions:

  • Closing the Deal - As a reward for completing the mission Extra Commission, Trevor is allowed to "sleep" with a woman in the motel's room number 9.
  • Surreal Estate - Trevor is again rewarded with a night with the same woman for completing the previous mission (it is revealed the next morning that the woman was actually Josh's wife). Finally, Josh asks Trevor to take his car, parked in the motel's parking lot, to burn down a mansion in Rockford Hills so he can collect the insurance.

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