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This article is about the speed boat in The Ballad of Gay Tony. For other uses of the name "Blade", see Blade.
The Blade in The Ballad of Gay Tony
Vehicle type Boat
Body style Speedboat
Capacity 2 (driver and passenger)
Appearance(s) The Ballad of Gay Tony
Manufacturer Grotti

Blade is a speed boat featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV.



The Blade is depicted as a speedboat not unlike the Smuggler, but is designed with a less streamlined body design and a shorter length, and is presumably built more for comfort; in addition, the boat may come with an optional top-mounted rollbar that sweeps towards the front.


The boat's seagoing performance is moderately good, ranking below the Smuggler but stacking above the Floater. Likewise, the boat's maneuverability is affected, for better of worse, by its moderately heavy weight, being more controllable than a Smuggler but less so than the smaller Floater.


The Ballad of Gay Tony


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