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Blaine County Talk Radio
Location: Blaine County
Genre: Public Talk Radio
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Host: Various
 Blaine County Talk Radio is a public talk radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto V.

The station is only available in Blaine County. Once the player crosses the county line into Los Santos, the signal is lost.

It has three shows: "Bless Your Heart" (featuring a female religious conservative who specialises in extremely unhealthy meals), "BCR Community Hour" (featuring a podcast by Trevor's conspiracy theorist friend, Ron Jakowski) and "Beyond Insemination", ostensibly a farming show, but the host seems to condemn artificial insemination (labelling it as "unnatural" and "blasphemy") and women's rights (at one point, he encourages a caller to drown his partner).

The station is a parody of conservative talk radio stations.

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