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Bleeter site is a website accessible in The Ballad of Gay Tony and Grand Theft Auto V. An obvious parody of Twitter, it is a social networking and microblogging site. The site allows users to post "Bleets" from the computer or their phones, which generally contain small snippets of information about what they happen to be doing at the moment of their Bleet, much like Twitter's "Tweets". Also, the verb of Bleeter is "Bleeting", in a similar vain to Twitter's "Tweeting". Bleeter's mascot is a sheep and its slogan is, "Life suddenly got quick."

The site's name comes from the word "bleat," the sound a sheep makes, parodying the mindlessness and banality of sites like it. Also, the sheep's sound effect is heard when a user checks a recently posted Bleet via mobile phone. Like Twitter, it would appear that it is often used by celebrities whose Bleets are subscribed to and read on a frequent basis by fans.


Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony It is used by many people throughout The Ballad Of Gay Tony, such as British debutante Daisie Cash-Cooze who, during a random encounter, uses it to track down homosexual movie star Chris Hunt, who regularly Bleets. The Bleets help to pinpoint Hunt's location as he moves throughout Liberty City though they often need to be deciphered to find their true meaning. Evan Moss, Gay Tony's boyfriend is first assumed dead by Luis Lopez and Tony when he Bleets about being cornered by bikers in the mission Frosting on the Cake, which Tony reads. The pair both agree that it is an odd time for anyone to update their Bleeter.

The frequent use of Bleeter may possibly hint that the GTA IV timeline (or at least the episodes) goes into 2009 as the real-life Twitter became a big trend in 2009.

Grand Theft Auto V

Bleeter has stocks on BAWSAQ, confirming it will return in Grand Theft Auto V.

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