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The player standing by the FBI Agent with blood by his head in GTA III.

Blood is a graphic featured in all GTA games.

GTA 1-2

Blood in GTA and GTA II is not much detailed, they are red pixels left on the ground.

GTA III - GTA Vice City Stories

Blood has improved in 3D Universe (With the exception of GTA Advance). Dead victims will leave a large pool of blood on the ground (no matter what is used to kill them), leave small blood spots when shot or attacked, and if the player runs on them on foot or runs dead people over with a car, it will leave bloody footprints (feet) or tire marks (car). Pedestrians when attacked with a melee weapon (such a knife) will leave a large trail of blood.


In GTA IV blood has amazingly improved, now gun shots or blood can be seen on protagonist's or NPC's clothes, bullet impact blood 'spray" has been greatly improved too, spots of blood will be left on the ground from bullets or collision with the enviroment. Also the pool of blood has been improved, now it runs from the dead body depending where it got hit the most (like, if it was a headshot, there blood will run faster and be bigger, if hit much on other part, a small pool will run). Blood has been remastered in GTA V, now wounds from bulllets are in 3D, clear and are dynamic. Also gun bullet impacts on the human are much more realistic, leaving bullet holes on the body depending where it got hit. Also the pool has been dramatically improved, now the pool that is running from the head is no longer a particle/texture that is becoming larger, but now it's a 3D pool that "runs" dynamicaly and reflects in real time. When the player has fell from a great height and land, you will hear a loud "landing" sound, the player will be entire covered in blood, the spot where the player has landed at will also be covered in blood (this time blood is thrown much more far than IV's) and in the time the player lands you will also see the blood 'spray". The PS4/XBOX ONE/PC version of GTA V features a much more improved blood and system. Now the wounds from bullets are much more depentent on the hit part, also the size of the wound depends the gun, if a pistol is used, it will create a small hole, if a shot gun is used, it wll create a much larger hole, also shotgun bullet wounds and be seen expanding on the clothes, which it gives more realism. The blood that comes out of the head is also improved, this time it's much more sharper and realistic. Also, blood on cars is no longer a red blood spot, but instead, depending the force the pedestrian is hit, the depending size of blood will stay on the car. For example, if a pedestrian is hit by car with the maximum force, the blood will cover the entire car part that hit the pedestrian, but also can reach the windshield.

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