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The player standing by the FBI Agent with blood by his head in GTA III.

Blood is a graphic featured in all GTA games.

GTA 1-2

Blood in these versions are simple pixels and not very high detail.

GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas

Blood was improved in these games having small (or large at times) pools of blood come from dead bodies (large), or from getting shot, attacked, etc. (spurts). In GTA San Andreas, the player can leave bloody footprints on the ground from walking through pools of blood, and can also leave bloody tire tracks from doing the same with a vehicle.


Blood has majorly improved in these versions by having blood on the protagonist and pools/spurts being more high definition, and in GTA V gunshots can rip holes in clothing when hit. Jumping out of vehicles make blood on the ground too. In GTA V and GTA Online, after coming out of a hospital from being Wasted, the player will still have blood on some spots on his/her body and/or face. Also, if an NPC dies and his corpse hits the water, there's a chance the water will become bloody. The next-gen version of GTA V includes an amazingly improved blood quality and system. When someone is hit by car with force, you no longer see some spot with blood, but instead the entire car parts is covered in blood and sometimes even reach the top of the car, like the windshield.

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