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A dead boar for a better view.
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Boars are wild animals featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


Not to be confused with pigs, boars are large hogs which are clearly distinguished by the small tusks portruding from their mouths. Wild boars are native across much of Northern and Central Europe, the Mediterranean region (including North Africa's Atlas Mountains) and much of Asia, including Japan and as far south as Indonesia.


Boars can commonly be seen in very remote areas, mostly in the Paleto Forest where they often are seen traveling alone. They are generally passive, but will chase after the player if they are provoked. They are, however, not known to attack. 


  • Boars can be found in the wild region of Blaine County on the high and abrupt mountains.


  • The Boar featured in game appears to be based on the species found in Eastern Europe.
  • Every Boar encountered in the game is seen with protruding tusks, which means that they are all male. Female Boars do not have these kinds of tusks.
  • The Boars Baseball Club is named after the animal. Members of the Ballas can be seen wearing t-shirts from the Boars Baseball Club with a boar on it.


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