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Bob Mulét
Name: Bob Mulét
Type: Hair & Beauty Salon
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Locations: Los Santos
"The stylist brushed against my shoulder as she leans in to trim my bangs. I could smell the perfume – Le Chien was the brand. She asked questions like she truly cared. Serena is honestly the only human touch I know, and why I stop in every week. Someday I hope to kidnap her and take her as my wife."
―Doug A.

Bob Mulét is a hair and beauty salon located on Eastbourne Way and Mad Wayne Thunder Drive in Rockford Hills, Los Santos. It's one of the most high-end salons of Los Santos. It's probably named after the Bob and the Mullet hairstyles.


Hair Styles
Haircut Price
Side Shaded $200
The Kind Fresh $400
Tigerized $250
Abstraction $450
Business on Top $300
Wilm Palm $350
Blowout (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive) FREE
Shape-up $180
Bear Price
CleanShave $50
Full Van Dyke (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive) FREE
Methodical $100


Hair Styles
Haircut Price
Lexington $180
The Wood (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive) FREE
Clippered Cut $200
Grown Out $290
Slicker $350
Beard Price
Clean Shave $50
Stubbled $80
Full Goatee $100
Full Beard (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive) FREE


Hair Styles
Haircut Price
Trailer Cut $200
Clean Razor $200
Randal (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive) FREE
Grown Out $300
Beard Price
Clean Shave $50
Stubble $60
Big Mustache $80
Handlebar (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive) FREE




  • Throughout the game progress, when you walk into the building, the salon is being held by robbers trying to steal money out of the cash register as part of a Random Encounter. When they run off you have your chance to take them out and get the money ($2000). You can choose to give it back or keep it. Returning the money won't give you any additional benefit, though, so it's highly recommended to keep it for yourself.
  • If you give the money back, the lady will tell the player that Bob Mulét is an tyrant.
  • In GTA Online, when calling a helicopter pickup from Merryweather, the pilot might say that he wanted to cut hair at Bob Mulét and it was his father who wanted him to be a pilot.

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