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"One of the things about me is I'm not a judgemental person. I don't judge people- well, not white people."
―Bobby June

Bobby June is a talk radio host on Bless Your Heart, which broadcasts on Blaine County Radio in Grand Theft Auto V. She is mainly known for her right-wing views and rather unhealthy or disgusting recipes. Oddly, the guests on her show seem to like them. Bobby June is against vaccinations, as she thinks it's horrible to let your body fight out a disease to become immune. She is voiced by Trish Suhr.


  • Bobby June is her first name. Her last name is unknown.
  • She has a strong southern accent and a raspy voice.
  • She stated on her radio show that she has "the so-called" diabetes. She does not, however, pay attention to this.
  • Doctors have told Bobby June that her arteries were like cement. She doesn't pay attention to this either.
  • She has had three strokes on account of her diabetes.
  • She had a step-son named Randy who died "naturally" of polio at the age of 7. She named a casserole after him called 'Cripple's Crockpot'.
  • She has more than five kids.
  • Her culinary career and racist personality make her a parody of Paula Deen, an American celebrity chef and cooking show television host.

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