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Bobcat Security

The robbery of the Ludendorff branch in the Prologue.

Name: Bobcat Security
Type: Security Company
Founded: 1969
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Locations: Ludendorff, North Yankton

Bobcat Security is a banking and security company appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.

It plays a major role in the storyline as the setting of the first heist in the game. Bobcat Security is apparently partnered with the Bank of Liberty.

Bobcat Security operates a fleet of Securicars. These vehicles cannot be obtained without mods, however.

One of Bobcat's banks are located in Ludendorff, North Yankton. The bank in Ludendorff has a layout consists of a small lobby, a back office, a vault, a loading garage, and an emergency exit in the back.

Events of GTA V

The bank is the target of a heist executed by Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, Brad Snider, and an unnamed driver in the winter of 2004. The crew infiltrates the lobby and holds the civilians hostage before putting them inside a closet.

They breach the vault and steal $179,500. As the men prepare to leave, Michael gets attacked by a security guard waiting by the door. However, Trevor kills him.

They head towards the loading garage, where they open the door and head outside. At that point, the North Yankton State Patrol are waiting for them with several officers surrounding the bank.

Mission Appearances



  • A Bobcat Security sign can be seen in front of both of Franklin's houses.
    Bobcat 2

    The Bobcat sign in front of Franklin's house.

  • Bobcat Security was founded in 1969, another 69 reference left by Rockstar.

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