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Bollokan Font V

Bollokan (Korean: 볼록한) is a South Korean car manufacturer in the HD Universe.


Bollokan seems to be based on Hyundai as the only vehicle Bollokan made is the Prairie, a 2-door coupé which is based on the 2002–2008 Hyundai Tiburon.


Vehicle Style Based on (GTA V) Notes
Prairie 2-door coupé 2002–2008 Hyundai Tiburon



  • The company's name is based on the British term "[to give someone] a bollocking", which is a strong verbal chastisement of someone, and "bollocks", a British slang term for testicles.
    • Supporting this, the logo resembles a pair of hanging testicles.
  • In Korean, "Bollokan" means "Convex", which describes the convex hanging on the top of the logo.
  • The company's name is similar to "Bulacan", a province in The Philippines, the country which it's company's real-life counterpart, Hyundai Motor Company is popular in the country. and the word "bulok", means rotten or corrupt in Filipino referring to the fashion of some Hyundai cars being a typical vehicle indicating a car with limited engineering, as Hyundai Motor Company initially produced low-quality econobox cars for export to the North American market in the mid-1980s, before moving to more upmarket vehicles. 


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