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Boulevard Del Perro intersecting Portola Drive, and Rockford Hills sign on the right.

Boulevard Del Perro is a boulevard in Del Perro, Rockford Hills and MorningwoodLos Santos. From west to east, it starts off from Bay City Avenue, passing just south of the Golf Club, and ends at the intersection with Milton Road and Hawick Avenue.

It has connections to Liberty StreetProsperity Street, North Rockford Drive, Morningwood Boulevard, South Boulevard Del Perro, Dorset Drive, Mad Wayne Thunder Drive, Portola DriveRockford Drive and Strangeways Drive.


Places of Interest

Del Perro

Rockford Hills


Del Perro


  • Ammu-Nation
  • Binco (corner of North Rockford Drive)
  • Cell Phones Sales and Repair
  • Checkout!
  • Digital Den
  • Electrical Supplies
  • Laser Prints
  • Loyal Discount Carpets
  • Los Santos Office Supply Co. (corner of Morningwood Boulevard)
  • Nail Bar & Spa
  • Vitamins Pharmacy (corner of Morningwood Boulevard)
  • Woody's Auto Services (corner of North Rockford Drive)

Rockford Hills


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