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Brotherhood of Jah Army of Love
Games: Grand Theft Auto 1
Locations: Vice City
Leader: Brother Marcus
Enemies: Babylon
Samuel Deever
Affiliations: Protagonist
Businesses: Drug trade
Members: Brother Marcus
Brother Aerol (Deceased)
Brother Leroy (Deceased)
Brother Maelcum
Brother Zachary
Brother Davey
Brother Eck
Brother Soapy
Brother Boab
Brother Wullie
Brother Hen
Brother Horace
Brother Joe
Brother Paw
Brother Granpaw
Sister Daphne
Sister Maggie
Sister Maw
Sister Bairn

The Brotherhood of Jah Army of Love, also known as the Rastas, is a gang in Grand Theft Auto 1 that is based in Vice City. The gang is at war with the Babylon gang and corrupt VCPD police officer Samuel Deever. The leader of the gang is Brother Marcus. The gang controls the drugs trade in Vice City and is known to use extreme violence, including Brother Leroy acting as a suicide bomber during one mission. After the player gets orders from Samuel Deever to meet with them and to get raport about what they want, Brother Marcus tries to convince the player to work for them. The protagonist then can choose to work with them and betray Deever for good, or, Samuel will then give orders to the protagonist to destroy a Limousine filled with drugs from Cuba. If the player does so, Marcus will tell the protagonist that he accidentally killed Deever's wife (although it is unknown if it's true) and tells him to work for him. The protagonist agrees and continues to work for the Rastas over to the end of the game.

Known Members


  • In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, one of the available trophies is a white and yellow bong, with jewels that look like rubis, awarded by the Brotherhood of Jah Army of Love, for selling both kinds of "depressants" (Weed and Downers).

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