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[[Image:Brucie'sExcecutiveLifestyleAutos-GTA4-exterior.jpg|thumb|325px|Exterior of Brucie's Excecutive Lifestyle Autos in GTA IV.]]
#REDIRECT [[Brucie's Executive Lifestyle Autos]]
'''Brucie's Executive Lifestyle Autos''' is a car dealership and garage in [[Grand Theft Auto IV]] run by [[Brucie Kibbutz]] and based in northern [[East Hook]], [[Broker]], [[Liberty City in GTA IV|Liberty City]]. The company is touted as a "high end" dealership and engineering workshop for sports cars, but in reality focuses on pointless superficial upgrades and performance tweaks that drive the original price of the sports cars down. The workshop is suspected by the police to be a front for Brucie's chop shop and car theft operation; and is a primary location in the "[[Exotic Exports]]" side-quest when the player is tasked to steal ten cars for Brucie and delivery them to the workshop. [[Lenny (GTA IV)|Lenny]] can also be found at the workshop working as a mechanic.
The dealership features its own website, [[]].
== Trivia ==
* As evidenced by its faded signage, the building housing Brucie's Excecutive Lifestyle Autos was formerly occupied by one "Beale Moving & Storage".
* The interior can be entered before putting a vehicle inside by getting out of the vehicle when the garage door is open and entering [[File:Neimenovanapp.JPG|thumb|300px|Interior of Brucie's Executive Lifestyle Autos garage.]]by foot.
* The interior can also be accessed by spawning a vehicle halfway through the front then entering it. Sometimes the player may fall through the map, but end up inside. Also be careful because the car may fall on you and kill you if it spawned higher off the ground. To escape the interior, commit suicide, or start a mission through the phone.
*The Beta Wreck [[Buccaneer]]/[[Esperanto]] is also seen here.
*The interior can also be entered in multiplayer mode, but there is nothing to see or look at other than wrecked cars.   
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