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#REDIRECT[[Tour Bus]]
{{Infobox vehicles
|front_image = Brute-TourBus-GTAV-front.jpg
|image_size = 250
|caption = The Brute Tour Bus seen in [[GTA V]]
|body_style = Bus
|appearances = [[Grand Theft Auto V]]
|manufacturer = [[Brute]] <small>([[HD Universe]])</small>
|related = [[Ambulance]]<br>[[Burrito]]<br>[[Gang Burrito]]<br>[[Journey]]<br>[[Rental Shuttle Bus]]
The [[Brute]] '''Tour Bus '''is a large passenger bus featuring in ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]''.
It is based on the real life [ LA City Tours Bus]. The front of the bus is the same as the [[Burrito]]. You can take sightseeing tours of [[Los Santos (HD Universe)|Los Santos ]]by walking up to the bus icon on the map.
*Found in [[Vinewood (GTA V)|Vinewood]] giving Sightseeing tours to [[NPC|NPC's]]
* It is possible to ride the tour bus sightseeing [[Los Santos (HD Universe)|Los Santos]], similarly to [[GTA IV|GTA IV's]] [[Higgins Helitours]].
*There is a bus with a similar design known as the [[Rental Shuttle Bus]].
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