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A Buffalo in GTA V.
(Rear quarter view)
A Buffalo S in GTA V.
(Rear quarter view)
Vehicle class
Vehicle type Civilian car
Body style 2-door muscle car (3D Universe)
4-door sedan (HD Universe)
Capacity 2 (driver and passenger) (3D Universe)
4 (driver and 3 passengers) (HD Universe)
Appearance(s) GTA San Andreas (Buffalo Only)
The Ballad of Gay Tony (Buffalo Only)
Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online
Manufacturer Bravado (HD Universe)
Price $28,000 (GTA SA)
(Exports and Imports)
$35,000 (Buffalo) (Online)
$96,000 (Buffalo S) (Online)
Variant(s) Police Buffalo
FIB Buffalo
"The Bravado marketing department know just what we need - another resurrected 1960s muscle car for the over-muscled EDM generation. It's a vehicle with aggressive lines for aggressive drivers." description.

The Bravado Buffalo and Buffalo S are muscle cars and sports sedans which appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, The Ballad of Gay Tony, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


3D Universe

The Buffalo in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas appears to be based on the third-generation Chevrolet Camaro, but there are influences from other vehicles. The headlights are circular, similar to a Opel Manta B2 and the third generation Honda Integra. A C-pillar has also been added, bearing a resemblance to a Dodge Daytona. The shape of the taillights looks closer to some third-generation Pontiac Firebird models. The Buffalo also features a ram air hood.

HD Universe

The Ballad of Gay Tony

The Bravado Buffalo is a sports sedan based on the Sixth generation Dodge Charger as well as the Ford Mustang GT for the greenhouse area, front fascia and headlights. In GTA IV, the game's rendition of the Buffalo had not been made available as a consumer model, despite numerous billboards advertising the car. Rather, the vehicle is depicted as a law enforcement vehicle for the Federal Investigation Bureau, dubbed the FIB Buffalo.

The Buffalo features a custom body kit that includes larger exhaust tips, chrome wheels, and ground effects, suggesting that it is based on the Charger's SRT-8 model. Compared to the FIB Buffalo's naturally-aspirated V8 engine, the civilian Buffalo has a supercharged, high-displacement V8 engine.

Grand Theft Auto V

The Buffalo returns in Grand Theft Auto V, with the normal version having the same design as The Ballad of Gay Tony model.

The second generation Buffalo, known as Buffalo S, is a supercharged facelift version of the normal Buffalo, with a new front fascia, rims and taillights based on the Dodge Charger SRT8.

The Buffalo S has a much more aggressive appearance, giving it the look of the modern American sports car. The front fascia consists of one large grille that extends from the hood to the front bumper and two smaller grilles near the tyres. On the side, there are two small CFRP panels. It also has unique rims that consist of ten spokes. The rear of the Buffalo S remains largely the same, except for the taillights, based on the Acura NSX concept. In the single player game, this version can only be obtained through Franklin, as it does not spawn anywhere else in the game world, although it can be purchased in GTA Online on for $96,000. The original Buffalo is also available for $36,000 on the same website in GTA Online only.


3D Universe

In GTA San Andreas, the car is laid out in an FR layout, and sports a high-performance V8 engine that delivers great acceleration and speed, but comes at the cost of high rear end power, which may lead to loss of traction. Despite being a sports car, the Buffalo handles very well off road, making it a spectacular cross-country vehicle.


Engine of the Buffalo in GTA IV.

HD Universe

The Ballad of Gay Tony

The Buffalo's performance in TBoGT is very good for a four-door sedan, courtesy of its supercharged 6.5 liter V8 engine which is more superior than it's law enforcement variants. As expected, the car is capable of good acceleration which is 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds and an excellent top speed of 201 mph (323 km/h) and a 5-speed gearbox in a FR layout, because it is being lighter than the FIB Buffalo. While the car is still prone to fishtailing, the car's grip on the road is equally excellent. And like the Infernus, Banshee, F620, Sultan RS and Bullet, the Buffalo backfires from its exhaust when shifting gears.

Grand Theft Auto V

The Buffalo S has a slightly better performance than the regular Buffalo due to the stronger engine. The acceleration is now much quicker, while the steering has been improved.



(0 - 60mph / 0 - 100km/h)

Top Speed

(mph / kph)

Engine Drivetrain Gears Mass


4.3 seconds

201 mph (323 km/h)

6.4L supercharged V8


6-speed semi-auto (5-speed auto, first generation)





Type Upgrade Cost (Story) Cost (Online)
Bumpers Custom Front Splitter $500 $1000
Custom Rear Bumper $500 $1000
Exhaust Titanium Tuner Exhaust $375 $750
Skirts Custom Skirts $415 $830
Spoiler Low Level Spoiler $275 $550

Buffalo S

Type Upgrade Cost (Story) Cost (Online)
Bumpers Custom Front Splitter $1250 $2500
Carbon Front Splitter $1650 $3300
Painted Front Bumper $1950 $3900
Painted Bumper & Splitter $2350 $4700
Painted & Carbon Splitter $2450 $4900
Custom Rear Bumper $1250 $2500
Sports Rear Bumper $1650 $3300
Exhaust Dual Exit Exhaust $375 $750
Big Bore Exhaust $899 $1800
Dual Titanium Exhaust $1499 $3000
Oval Exhaust $4770 $9550
Race Exhaust $4870 $9750
Grille Black Grille $375 $750
Chrome Open Grille $670 $1340
Black Open Grille $825 $1650
Exposed Intercooler $1500 $3000
Hood Vented Hood $850 $1700
Ram Air Hood $1200 $2400
Carbon Hood $1450 $2900
Carbon Vented Hood $2225 $4450
Roll Cage Roll Cage and Chassis Upgrade $550 $1100
Roof Sunstrip $350 $700
Carbon Roof $575 $1150
Skirts Custom Skirts $1500 $3000
Carbon Skirts $2000 $4000
Spoiler Ducktail Spoiler $750 $1500
Mid Level Spoiler $950 $1900
Carbon Wing $1300 $2600
GT Wing $1750 $3500
Stock Car Wing $2000 $4000

Unique Variants

Red Buffalo

Only found in the mission This Ain't Checkers, Mori's red Buffalo, along with the other 3 cars available, is equipped with Nitrous to help the player win the Triathlon set up by Mori. It is best to only use the nitrous on straightaways, as it provides an enormous amount of speed in a short amount of time, but makes it nearly impossible to take a corner or slow down. A pink canister icon is displayed on the hub next to the mini map during the race. It empties as you use the Nitrous and is refilled as the player drives.

Blue Buffalo

At the start of the mission Bang Bang, the player has the choice between Tony's black Schafter or a unique blue Buffalo. This Buffalo is presumably Evan Moss's car as he is the only person in the apartment other than Tony and this is the only time the Buffalo is seen.

White Buffalo S

In Grand Theft Auto V, a unique supercharged Buffalo S that cannot be found anywhere else appears as one of Franklin's personal vehicles with a unique plate reading FC1988. However, in Grand Theft Auto Online, the Buffalo S is available for purchase from for $96,000, after the I'm Not a Hipster Update was released.

Sprunk Buffalo

This article or section refers to content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V, that is not featured on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto V, please see here.

The enhanced edition of Grand Theft Auto V features a unique Buffalo with a Sprunk livery, exclusively for players returning from Xbox 360/PS3. This variant appears during the Stock Car Races and will become available in each protagonist's garage once the player wins the 4th stock car race.

The stock cars may be modified further in Los Santos Customs including the ability to respray the underlying color. The sponsorship decals can not be changed or removed.

Notable Owners

Modifications (GTA San Andreas)

The Buffalo can only be modified at TransFender.

Type Upgrade Cost
Colors Car Color 1 $ 150
Nitro 2x Nitrous $ 200
10x Nitrous $ 1000
Wheels Import $ 820
Atomic $ 770
Ahab $ 1000
Virtual $ 620
Access $ 1140
Off Road Wheel $ 1000
Mega $ 1030
Grove $ 1230
Twist $ 1200
Wires $ 1560
Hydraulics Hydraulics $ 1500



GTA San Andreas

The Ballad of Gay Tony

  • Very uncommon unless the player drives one.
  • If the player is hijacking a boat or helicopter during a Drug War, they will be required to bring it to the docks in Northwood. The Buffalo will be right in front of the player after the ending cut-scene, and it can be taken freely.
  • Commonly spawns in north Algonquin in multiplayer.
  • Henrique will deliver one to the player if called.
  • Uniquely colored examples can be found during Drug Wars as a target vehicle for convoy missions.


  • Franklin Clinton owns a unique white Buffalo S that can be modified with more variations and has some unique features and spawns outside his safehouse.
  • When switching to Franklin from Michael or Trevor, either Franklin is driving his Buffalo S, or if he is on foot, it will be parked nearby.
  • When driving the Buffalo S, the TBoGT variant spawns more easily, particularly in Strawberry.
  • The first generation Buffalo can be found mostly in Vinewood Hills.
  • The first generation Buffalo can also be found on the highways in Los Santos and Blaine County.
  • The Sprunk Buffalo S can be found at each protagonists' garage after winning the Stock Car Race race five times.

GTA Online

  • Found at the same locations as Singleplayer.
  • As of update 1.14 both the Buffalo and the Buffalo S can bought from for $35,000 and $96,000 respectively.



  • The default radio stations for the Buffalo are:
  • The way that the Buffalo in the 3D Universe is a 2-door and the variant in the HD Universe is a 4-door is similar to how the Dodge Charger, the basis of the HD Universe variant, went from its early production as a 2-door to a 4-door from 2006 until its present day counterpart.
  • The original San Andreas car's name may be a reference to the Ford Taurus. Both names are a reference to forms of cattle (in the Buffalo's case, a type of bison).
    • Another possible name association is that the primary method of defense of a buffalo (bison) is to charge at a threat with its horns. As the later versions of the vehicle were modeled after the Dodge Charger, this may be the reason the name was used in the HD games.

GTA San Andreas

  • The Buffalo shares its engine sound with the Alpha and the Bandito (the later having a louder tone).
  • Sometimes, the Buffalo at Catalina's hideout will have rain particles coming off of the rear trunk that are only visible by looking at it through the camera. This is more likely to occur during foggy weather or in the late day and sunrise.


  • The Buffalo shown in billboards has a large Bravado logo within its grille, unlike the FIB Buffalo or the civilian Buffalo which have a small logo above the grille. Interestingly, the billboard Buffalo also retains the police lights found on the FIB variant.
  • In The Ballad of Gay Tony, if the player takes a Buffalo to a Pay 'n' Spray too many times, it will turn a unique, dark green color. This color will then be permanent, and no amount of subsequent resprays will change it. This is most likely a glitch, as almost every other car in the game will continually cycle through its color palette. The exceptions are the Dukes, the Infernus and the PMP 600, which all suffer from the glitch.
  • Though the paint-job of Mori's Buffalo is regarded as unique in-game, Buffalo's with the same color can be found, driven by pedestrians.
  • The Buffalo appears in Drug Wars where it is used to escort drugs. These sometimes have unique paint-jobs.
  • The Buffalo features the same wheels as the Rebla.


  • In Franklin's trailer, at the sixth second, a red Buffalo S can be seen, implying that both generations are seen in streets. However, only the Buffalo can be seen at streets.
  • If you abandon Franklin's Buffalo S, it will respawn at his safehouse, just as most of the protagonists' personal vehicles. It will spawn on the west side of Aunt Denise's house in front of the garage, and just outside the front door of Franklin's mansion when it is acquired.
  • The license place on the Buffalo S reads "FC1988", an apparent nod to Franklin Clinton being born in 1988.

Buffalo with removed bumpers and side skirts through a glitch.

  • In Los Santos Customs, there's a glitch that lets you remove the bumpers and skirts from the regular Buffalo.
  • If the player modifies Franklin's Buffalo S, it will respawn in the same modified state. This also works with Franklin's Bagger, Michael's Tailgater, Trevor's Bodhi, Tracey's Issi, and Amanda's Sentinel.
  • After the 1.14 update, the 2nd generation Buffalo has been renamed the Buffalo S, to avoid confusion between the two models.

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