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Bullpup Rifle
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Weapon type: Assault Rifle
Damage: Average
Weight: Medium
Ammunition capacity: 30 rounds (60 w/ Extended Clip)
Available from: Ammu-Nation
"The latest Chinese import taking America by storm, this rifle is known for its balanced handling. Lightweight and very controllable in automatic fire."

The Bullpup Rifle is an assault rifle that appears in The High Life Update DLC for Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Design and Performance

The Bullpup Rifle is based on the QBZ-95-1, the Chinese counterpart of the French Famas. It also appears to have an M16 style front sight/gas block. The rifle has the same damage per bullet as the Carbine Rifle and has a much greater rate of fire than the Advanced Rifle giving it solid damage per second. Though the accuracy is a bit mediocre being equal to the Assault Rifle, grip and scope attachments can help compensate for this.



  • Default clip (30 rounds) - Equipped by default
  • Rounds x60
  • Extended clip (60 rounds)



  • Black tint - Equipped by default
  • Army tint
  • LSPD tint
  • Green tint (Online only)
  • Orange tint (Online only)
  • Pink tint (Online only)
  • Golden tint (Online only)
  • Platinum tint (Online only)



  • Additional tints are unlocked in the Special and Collector's editions of GTA V.


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