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Bullpup Rifle
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online
Weapon type: Assault Rifle
Damage: 32 (per shot) [?]
Weight: Medium
Ammunition capacity: 30 rounds (60 w/ Extended Clip)
Manufacturer: Hawk and Little (GTA V)
Available from: Ammu-Nation
"The latest Chinese import taking America by storm, this rifle is known for its balanced handling. Lightweight and very controllable in automatic fire."
―GTA V decription on the Rockstar Games Social Club.

The Hawk and Little Bullpup Rifle is an Assault Rifle that appears in The High Life Update for Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Design and Performance

The Bullpup Rifle is based on the QBZ-95-1. It also appears to have an M16 style front sight/gas block. Unlike the QBZ-95-1, the picatinny rail carry handle is totally flat.

The rifle has the same damage per bullet as the Carbine Rifle and has a much greater rate of fire than the Advanced Rifle giving it solid damage per second. Though the accuracy is a bit mediocre being equal to the Assault Rifle, grip and scope attachments can help compensate for this.



  • Default clip (30 rounds) - Equipped by default
  • Rounds x60
  • Extended clip (60 rounds)



  • Black tint - Equipped by default
  • Army tint
  • LSPD tint
  • Green tint (Online only)
  • Orange tint (Online only)
  • Pink tint (Online only)
  • Golden tint (Online only)
  • Platinum tint (Online only)


FPS Gallery



  • Artwork of the rifle released during the run-up to The High Life Update suggests that it was originally going to be modeled after the L85A2, featuring the same receiver, handguard, charging handle and carrying handle.
  • According to markings on the gun, Hawk & Little produces this weapon, which contradicts its description of being a Chinese import, or it might be manufactured under the original manufacturer's license, such as other weapons in real life.
  • In the enhanced version, if a scope is attached, it will move downwards slightly when reloading. This is more easily seen in the first person mode.


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