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A Burger Off stand
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Burger Off is a small restaurant chain featured in Vice City in 1984. The chain is a small time affair with only two locations; a restaurant in Little Havana and a stand in the Vice Point fairground. However, the player is unable to actually buy anything at either location. 

The name is a play on the phrase 'bugger off' and is yet another example of Rockstar's humor. The Burger Off restaurant is found next the gun store Stonewall J's. A Sprunk vending machine can be seen next to the stand in the fairground providing drinks to accompany Burger Off meals. This may be a business move by the company saving them from having to provide drinks or simply conincidence. 


  • Burger Off is likely outcompeted by larger chains explaining why it operates on such a small scale. Or it may simply be an emerging business still establishing itself.
  • The restaurant's absence in GTA Vice City, set two years later, may indicate that the tiny chain has been acquired by the emerging Burger Shot and rebranded.
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