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Bust Out
Game: Grand Theft Auto Online
For: Lester Crest
Location: San Andreas
Protagonist(s): 1-4 Players
Target: Gustavo
Conditions of mission failure:
Team run out of lives
Gustavo killed
JP 16
(Cash depends on time spent)
(x2 on first attempt)
(RP given for playing alone, different multipliers apply when playing with others, crew mates or friends)
Unlocked by: Achieving level 55.
"I need the best for this and that's why I came to you. One of my guys has been arrested. They were holding him in Paleto County but he's being moved to Bolingbroke Prison on the next bus. Can you intervene and spring the fool? I'll make it worth your while. Bring him back to the warehouse - he can lie low here until the heat eases off. Just make sure the cops don't follow you."

Bust Out is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Lester Crest. It is available for up to 4 players.


Gustavo, a crime partner and associate of Lester, has been arrested. The police were holding him in Paleto County, but he's being moved to Bolingbroke Penitentiary along with other inmates in a prison bus. The bus is heading to the penitentiary on the Senora Freeway. The team needs to stop the bus by opening fire against the bus. Some cops will come out to protect the bus from being ambushed. Once the cops are killed, the team needs to lose a three-star wanted level and take Gustavo to Lester's warehouse in Murrieta Heights.

Mission Objectives

  • Rescue Gustavo.
  • Help escort Gustavo to Lester's warehouse.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Escort Gustavo to Lester's warehouse.


  • Gustavo is also featured in Story Mode as one of the potential heist hires. Lester says that he is a pro and that there is not much else to say about him. He will also survive any heist in which he is selected.
  • The mission description mentions "Paleto County," which is strange, since the only counties mentioned in Story Mode are Los Santos County and Blaine County.
  • After The San Andreas Flight School Update the payout on hard has been increased to a maximum of $21,300.
  • An easy way to complete this mission alone is to start (either near Grapeeseed, Procopio Truck Stop or by Davis Quartz, however this may have an adverse affect on the player if they don't shoot the driver on time) ahead of the bus, snipe the driver, steal the bus and follow the railway lines until you reach a tunnel. In Blaine County there are two tunnels, one above Raton Canyon and one near the NOOSE base in the Palomino Highlands. The player can remain hidden inside the tunnel until his wanted level subsides. Going to the Raton Canyon tunnel will give the player more time, thus increasing the payout.
    • If the player is experienced enough they can start in Paleto Bay and drive-by shoot the driver.
  • The name of the mission is humorous wordplay on the fact that the mission features a bus (Bust out). 

Video Walkthrough

GTA Online - Mission - Bust Out Hard Difficulty10:14

GTA Online - Mission - Bust Out Hard Difficulty


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