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Castro Lagano
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Full name: Castro Lagano
Status: Determinant


Place of birth: Flag of the United States American
Home: Wild Oats Drive, Vinewood Hills, Los Santos
Nationality: American
Family: Unnamed parents
Muffy (sister)
Unnamed Wife
Businesses: Golfing
Voiced by: Aaron Phillips

Castro Lagano is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V who lives in Wild Oats Drive in Vinewood Hills. A wealthy individual, he can become a golfing partner.

Personality and background

His parents are WASPs with a habit of giving their children awkward and pretentious names - he says he got lucky, as his sister is named Muffy. He has a wife who accuses him of cheating, something that greatly upsets and angers him - while he is having affairs, he views it as a matter of trust as his wife incorrectly suspects that his golfing is a cover for infidelity when in fact it is genuine. 

Events of GTA V

Castro is first encountered by the player having an argument with his wife at his home; she accuses him of using his late-night golfing trips as a cover for an affair, and throws a bag of his personal possessions onto the driveway. He will then notice the protagonist, and request a ride to the golf course. If delivered successfully, he will give the player a small financial reward and the ability to play him in golf. He is "Hard" difficulty.

If playing as Trevor Philips, the player can deliver him to the Altruist Cult.


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